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In June 2019 Ring faced criticism over a Community Alert program under which the company has made geographically-targeted sponsored posts on social media services such as Facebook asking readers to provide tips on suspects in verified cases based on imagery posted on the Neighbors service by a Ring customer Ring states that it seeks permission from the user before using their content in this manner However these discoveries did lead to concerns over the use of such footage in material deemed to effectively be advertising as well as concerns over other possible uses of the footage such as for training facial recognition due to the wide copyright license that users must grant to in order to use Neighbors an irrevocable unlimited and royalty-free license to use shared content for any purpose and in any media formats in any media channels without compensation to you and Ring s partnerships with local law enforcement agencies 15 16 In July 2019 Vice publication Motherboard obtained records revealing the extent of Ring s partnership with the Lakeland Florida Police Department LPD The department was granted access to a Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal for making posts on Neighbors and the ability to request videos directly from Ring users and received a donation of 15 Ring cameras However the memorandum of understanding stated that the LPD would be required to participate in outreach efforts on the platform to encourage adoption of the platform app receiving 10 credits for Ring camera purchases for each new user Ring also recommended that the LPD establish specific new positions for the partnership including a social media coordinator 17 Later in the month Motherboard obtained public records containing an officer s notes from an April 2019 training webinar which stated that Ring had partnered with at least 200 law enforcement partners 18 In early-August 2019 Motherboard also reported that Ring would match payments by cities to cover the subsidized purchase of Ring cameras so that they can be resold to residents at a discount 19